Competitive Advantage

First Affirmative is here to help financial advisors meet the growing demand for sustainable investment strategies. We design and manage custom tailored portfolios of mutual funds and separate accounts for individual and institutional clients. Our investment management, due diligence, and other services are all designed to help advisors improve their service and build their businesses.

First Affirmative performs ongoing due diligence on mutual funds and asset managers that incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into their investment decisions. Working with us, you and your clients benefit from access to top notch managers throughout the responsible investment industry.


Services for Advisors

We support an active network of over 100 professional financial advisors who serve clients seeking to integrate their values with their invesment strategies. We offer the first Unified Managed Account program for responsible investors. We call it Sustainable Investment Solutions™, and we are the single largest customer to some of the top SRI mutual fund families in the United States. We also vote proxies for all client accounts.

An Industry Leader

With over twenty years of industry leadership, First Affirmative is uniquely positioned to benefit from deep and long-standing professional relationships throughout the responsible investment industry. We know many mutual fund managers personally and have intimate knowledge of fund characteristics, which helps us determine which funds best complement each other.

Additonally, First Affirmative produces the premier annual conference for the sustainable and responsible investing (SRI) industry. The SRI Conference brings together investors and investment professionals including portfolio managers, investment analysts, financial advisors, and representatives from related research and non-profit organizations to learn and collaborate. We also host regional BaseCamp meetings in various cities around the country to provide on-going education and networking opportunities for financial advisors.

Getting Started

Some financial advisors join us to become Investment Advisory Representatives (IARs) of First Affirmative. Others do business with us through a Selling agreement. Contact us to learn more about our investment management services. But first read through the other Benefits of Membership in our network. All IAR and Selling members receive marketing support and access to a suite of research and training tools through our Greenvestment Resource Center.

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