Guiding Values

Guiding-ValuesFirst Affirmative and the investment professionals we support generally share the following values and conduct ourselves accordingly:

Common Good: We actively embrace the direct relationship between financial decision making and the greater good.

Respect: We nurture and maintain a culture of respect in all we do, proactively promoting ethical behavior among our professional peers and within our wider communities.

Fiduciary Duty: We place our clients' interests above our own. We acknowledge our fiduciary responsibility, adequately explain our compensation structure, and disclose potential conflicts of interest. We ensure the timely and clear disclosure of relevant information, taking care to ensure that it is accurate, complete, objective, and understood.

Professional Education: We work to enhance our professional knowledge and competence. We share information and ideas; seek, accept, and offer honest criticism; acknowledge and correct errors; properly credit the contributions of others; and refer clients to appropriate profession- als for issues beyond our knowledge and skills.

Privacy and Confidentiality: We do not disclose or share confidential information with others, except as authorized or when otherwise legally obligated to do so. We do not use confidential information for personal advantage.

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