Steven Ellis

Professional Focus and Services 

Colorado Capital Management is a Certified B Corporation and a leader in the field of impact investing (SRI, ESG, and private debt and equity). Located in Boulder, Colorado, we manage approximately $250 million in assets for families and foundations and have a 15 year track record of success. We provide fee-only financial advisory services including financial planning, portfolio management, and impact investing.

Steve Ellis, the president and founder of Colorado Capital Management, has close to three decades of experience as a fee-only financial advisor, and a similar tenure working as a volunteer to support mission driven, community based organizations. With impact investing, he has found a powerful and meaningful way to bring together his professional skills with his passion for making a difference in the world. He works with many of the firm's largest clients.

Steve is also committed to helping build the impact investing industry, and is a popular speaker and educator. He is currently writing a guidebook for students, professionals and investors who are interested in learning more about field. Steve and his wife Cathy Summer live in Boulder, Colorado.

Everyone at CCM believes strongly in giving back to our community through volunteerism and through the CCM Foundation.


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