Greg Garvan, AIF, MS

Accredited Investment Fiduciary™

Professional Focus and Services

Greg Garvan provides comprehensive fee-only financial life planning and asset management services using environmental and socially responsible options. We help you "connect your money to your values." We enjoy working directly with you, and whether we are talking goals, reviewing numbers, or sharing stories, we will honor your decisions. Sometimes we will be very serious, sometimes we will laugh, and sometimes disagree. It is all part of the process.

Financial life planning

As we build relationships with our clients we are often deeply involved in a myriad of decisions that face individuals and families: How to allocate current retirement options, what car to buy, how much to give to a charity, at what age to give money to children, etc. We value and welcome these opportunities to work at a core value level with you, as you realize how you can use your assets. We believe they are simply tools that can be used in ways that are better for you-or worse. Much of this work falls under the rubric of financial life planning, which we have been doing for years. Our objective is to help you use these tools in ways that can further your life's goals. We are committed to working together to gain an understanding of your present financial situation, and help you to identify and clarify your life, social and financial goals. Once we all have this common information we develop a comprehensive financial plan. The plan typically encompasses managing liabilities; investments; insurance; retirement interests; estate and tax planning; charitable giving; and practical steps towards financing life goals. We believe this "big picture" financial planning is the best way to help you set goals and future direction.


Our clients use social and/or environmental screens when considering investments. You choose these screens via a menu of options that we go over when starting to work together. Our approach is to consider the financial aspects of the investment, based on the stated goals in your financial plan, and then consider the social screens most important to you. Depending on your situation, we also might recommend using third party money managers, who will also consider this information. Finally, we determine the investments that both meet your financial goals and are consistent with your values. Your portfolio will typically include screened investments, targeted community investments, and proxy voting and shareholder activism when appropriate. In today's world, you have the opportunity to use your assets in a variety of socially responsible ways through banking; investing, and targeted community investments; endowments; and other financial alternatives.

Professional Affiliations

  • Investment Adviser Representative of Natural Investments
  • Network Member of First Affirmative Financial Network
  • Custodial Affiliation with Charles Schwab and Company
  • Member of US)SIF, Green America Business Network, NOFA, Financial Planning Association

Education and Experience

In 2003, Greg obtained the AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary™) designation. A fiduciary must be able to demonstrate that portfolio assets are being prudently managed and that sound investment practices are being followed. This includes a comprehensive overview of fiduciary standards of care, asset allocation, preparation of investment policy statements, manager search and due diligence, performance measurement, and other related subjects.

This training dovetails well with Greg's experience over the past twenty years, when he received a MSM, Masters in Management, degree.  After working primarily through foundation work, and charitable/ tax planning in the 1980s, in 1992 he founded Money with a Mission, and obtained licenses to practice investment management and financial planning.  Becoming a fee-only advisor in 1995, Greg continues to get regular ongoing education in the field.  In addition, Greg has completed all coursework for the certified financial planner designation, and retains student status.

Community Involvement

Greg has a long history of community service work. This work has ranged from volunteering at what was called 'The Pound' (today's animal shelter) as a teenager to serving in trustee positions on boards. Current service and passions include Community Foundation work, The History Center in Tompkins County, and the Finger Lakes Land Trust. Because of a strong faith orientation, Greg also serves churches with Planned Giving and Capital Campaign efforts. In the past he has been involved with many organizations, including the following:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Nature Conservancy, MA
  • Responsible Wealth (a national organization dedicated to social change for the wealthy)
  • More than Money (helping people with money consider what more is there)
  • Leadership Tompkins (community leadership training)
  • Youth organizations

Money with a Mission supports giving back to community efforts through both volunteer time and donating at least 10% of net profits each year to charitable and social change organizations. We also are on the "Honor Roll" for the Social Investment Forum Foundation's community investing campaign, which indicates that more than 1% of overall assets are in community investments.


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