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Professional Focus

"Connecting Money with What Matters"℠

Newground seeks to work with clients who are principled, proactive, and inspired to make a difference.

Founded in 1994, Newground Social Investment is an independent, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor (a wealth manager with a fiduciary duty) to individual & institutional clients who seek to invest their portfolios in line with their values or institutional mission.  This is commonly called "Socially Responsible Investment" (SRI), or sustainable impact investment.
Newground is the nation's first "Social Purpose Corporation" (SPC), which means that we strive to meet clients' long-term financial goals while also pledging responsibility to the needs of the environment, workers, community, society, and the world at-large.
We were also the first "Advisor Mentor" in Bill McKibben's's Fossil Fuel Free mentor program to provide technical assistance and coaching to campus-based student divestment groups as they engage with university endowment, finance, and treasury officers.
For more than 20 years, Newground has been a shareholder activist - we dialogue & negotiate with corporations on behalf of clients who seek to address the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues that arise out of the operations of companies held in their portfolios.  Newground is celebrated as a national leader in this arena - please see:
Shareholder-activism / -advocacy / -engagement ("high impact" investment) is a tremendously powerful tool used by individuals and organizations to merge values with dollars and achieve mission alignment.
Independent and fee-only, Newground is the Northwest's oldest, largest, and most recognized SRI / ESG money manager.
On the web:  ~  Newground Social Investment, SPC  ~  Investor Voice, SPC
Professional Experience
Newground Social Investment. Seattle, WA - Founder, Chief Executive. 1994-present.
Registered Investment Advisor: socially conscious asset management, shareholder advocacy, portfolio guideline development, proxy voting services.
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. (ICCR). New York, NY - Board of Governors. 1994-1998.
Energy & Environment Steering Committee 1994-2001. 
Developed Pulp & Paper Chlorine-Free Campaign, the Okefenokee Campaign, Pure Profit Initiative.
Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment. Seattle, WA - Co-founder, first Director. 1994-1998.  Management change strategies, dialogue & shareholder resolutions on corporate accountability issues.
Progressive Investment Management.* Portland, OR - Vice-President Managed Accounts. 1990-1994.
Founded & directed Washington operations; Executive Committee; Investment Policy Committee.
* formerly Progressive Securities Financial Services
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith. Columbia, SC and Seattle, WA - Financial Consultant. 1984-1990.
Money management and financial planning for individual and institutional clients. In 1987 led firm in new business development (top 3% nationally).
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