Jan Schalkwijk, CFA

Investment Adviser

JPS Global Investments

Customized Portfolios Positioned for Tomorrow's Economy

Professional Focus 

Jan Schalkwijk is the Lead Investment Manager and Founder of JPS Global Investments, a fee-only investment firm. Jan specializes in working with clients who wish to integrate social and environmental criteria in the management of their assets.  
Jan believes that the product-driven investor culture, as promulgated by large brokerage firms, has led to "return-chasing" whereby investors seek out yesterday's top performing investments, which invariably are tomorrow's laggards. Jan prefers a disciplined, forward-looking approach, with a healthy dose of skepticism towards following the crowd, as a better way to managing his clients' money and to serve their interests. 
In addition to investment management, Jan assists clients with other important financial decisions they have to make in the course of building, managing, and protecting their wealth. JPS leverages the firm's partnerships with other professionals, including accountants, lawyers, and financial planners, so that we can bring the best resources to the table to optimize our clients' financial decision making. 
Jan has traveled extensively and has a fond appreciation for the diversity of the world's cultures and natural habitats. These travel experiences helped shape his views on the importance of sustainable development and the acute challenges that we are facing in that regard. Inspired by the economic opportunities that these challenges present, Jan developed the Green Economy investment strategy at JPS. This strategy focuses specifically on opportunities in clean energy, energy & resource efficiency, and environmental markets and is available in addition to the diversified investment strategies offered by JPS. The strategy is Fossil Fuel Free in accordance with the 350.org Fossil Fuel Free designation and divestment commitment and goes beyond excluding the top 200 fossil fuel names listed on 350.org to focus exclusively on companies that are building the low carbon economy.
Additionally, Jan serves on the portfolio management team of Africa Capital Group, where he co-manages a sub-Saharan Africa strategy. Much like the Green Economy, the rise of the African continent is one of the most significant and positive trends of the 21st century that will create attractive opportunities for forward looking investors. 
Jan also teaches an Impact Investing class in the University of Oregon MBA Program and currently lives with his wife in Portland. In his spare time, Jan is an avid outdoorsman, snowboarder, traveler, and a student of history. 
Jan can build and tailor a portfolio to meet your individual needs and preferences. Contact Jan today to determine if he can help you meet your financial goals in a manner consistent with your values. 


  • Asset Management and Investment Advice for Individuals and Families 
  • Investment Consulting Services for Foundations, Non-Profits, and Small & Medium-Sized Businesses 
  • ESG / SRI Customization Available 
  • Investment Strategies: Diversified Portfolios, Green Economy Strategy 

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, CFA Society of Portland
  • Network Adviser, First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC

Education and Experience

Jan has over 16 years of experience in the investment industry:
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation 
  • Franklin Templeton Investments, Vice President of Investment Platforms (1997-2005) 
  • Faculty, University of Oregon MBA: Impact Investing 
  • Master of Business Administration from Santa Clara University 
  • Bachelor of Science, Menlo College 
  • Degree in Economics, Maastricht University (Netherlands) 

Jan Schalkwijk subscribes to a package of professional services offered by First Affirmative Financial Network. He is not an investment advisor representative of First Affirmative Financial Network. JPS Global Investments is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. First Affirmative Financial Network is an Registered Investment Advisor (SEC File #801-56587).